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Dr. Tejdeep “TJ” Singh Rattan for City Council 2024

TJ Rattan is the right leader to foster growth and prosperity in Mountain House.
Tejdeep “TJ” Singh Rattan For City Council

Proven Leadership To Drive Mountain House Forward.

My military career taught me the importance of putting others before self. I vow to carry this ethos into every decision and action, ensuring that the needs and welfare of Mountain House residents always come first.
  • Transparent leadership, keeping you informed at every turn.
  • My compass is integrity; every decision reflects ethical governance.
  • Fiscal accountability: Your tax dollars working efficiently for you.
  • Networking: Building bridges for collaboration, amplifying community voices, and fostering partnerships for collective progress.
  • Duty First: Prioritizing responsibilities with a focus on serving the community's best interests and upholding civic duties.
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The Best Choice for Mountain House City Council

"Mountain House Military Veterans' Group would like to recognize our veterans running for office...When we tell someone we are a Veteran, what we are saying is that we have certain principles that are uncompromising. First and foremost is integrity. We encourage Veterans to serve in public office because they are good at it and bring integrity to the office.

...TJ [is] our friend and [is an] upstanding member of our community."

Mountain House Military Veterans' Group
MHMVG's Facebook Group page
Tejdeep “TJ” Singh Rattan For City Council

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