My Pledge to Mountain House.

As I, Lieutenant Colonel Tejdeep “TJ” Singh Rattan, embark on this journey to serve as your City Council member, I want to share my solemn pledge to the community of Mountain House. This pledge is not just a set of promises, but a reflection of my commitment, values, and vision for our city.

Community First: My military career taught me the importance of putting others before self. I vow to carry this ethos into every decision and action, ensuring that the needs and welfare of Mountain House residents always come first.

Safety and Security: The safety of our community is paramount. I commit to being a proactive advocate for public safety measures that protect our families and properties, ensuring that Mountain House remains a secure and peaceful place to live.

Driven by Community

Inclusive Leadership: I believe that effective governance is inclusive. I promise to listen to your voices, welcome diverse perspectives, and engage with every segment of our community to make informed and empathetic decisions.

Youth and Education: As a parent, I understand the importance of nurturing our youth. I pledge to support educational initiatives and youth programs that foster growth, learning, and skill development.

Vision for Prosperity

Economic Development: My goal is to see Mountain House not just grow, but thrive. I will strive to attract businesses and services that enhance our quality of life and create job opportunities, while preserving the unique character of our city.

Sustainable Growth: I pledge to advocate for responsible and sustainable development that respects our environment and resources, ensuring a livable and beautiful city for future generations.

My Commitment

Transparency and Accountability: I vow to maintain transparency in my actions and decisions and hold myself accountable to the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

Accessible and Responsive: I promise to be an accessible council member, responsive to the concerns and suggestions of residents, ensuring that your voices are heard and valued in city governance.

Collaboration and Partnership: I look forward to collaborating with fellow council members, city staff, and community organizations to bring about positive change and growth in Mountain House.

Planning and Development: I will advocate for access to health care and holding builders accountable for a senior citizen community center

This pledge is my commitment to you, the residents of Mountain House. Together, we can build a city that is safe, prosperous, and a joy to call home. Join me in this journey as we work hand in hand to shape the bright future of our beloved community.

Your support, engagement, and belief in our shared vision are the keystones of this campaign. Let's move forward together for a better Mountain House.

With sincerity and dedication,

Lieutenant Colonel Tejdeep “TJ” Singh Rattan


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